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      If you do not know what size wrench you need; send a photo of the screw head next to a dime to matt@modelandtool.com .

     Current production wrenches have no center pins so they can be used on the new style screws.

     Ask about the tiny springs in the OTF knives if you need any.

wrenches are built with  hex ends and can be dropped into most any
standard size hex end screw driver handle or socket. A short driver is recommended to avoid shearing the screws.

If you encounter a tight screw, it may have thread locker on it.  It is best to heat it with the tip of a soldering iron to melt the thread locker.

 (Or put it in your oven at 250* F for a while).




We normally have no idea what size Microtech is using on their newer knives. 



Most Flat end wrenches are $15.00, domed and triangle wrenches are $20.00.

Discounts available for orders of 150 WRENCHES or more. (Dealers please inquire.) 

 Shipping is an additional fee.

Choose between $6.50 for snail mail or $7.50 for 3 day  USPS priority mail. (recommended) [packaging cost me more for snail mail].

Cost of shipping outside the USA may vary.


the size(s) and quantities you desire to purchase. Include your full name and shipping address to reserve your screwdriver tips before payment arrival. The screw driver tips will normally be shipped within 1-2 business days of received payment, usually the next day.

Method of payment accepted: Money order, Paypal, personal check, (checks are held until they clear)

Credit cards can be used thru Paypal.  At your request an invoice with instructions will be emailed to you.

 Payment payable to :

Model and Toolmaking                     
 6645 Second Avenue
Andover, Ohio 44003

(440)969-4054, Email address: matt@modelandtool.com  


puller pic.jpg

blade pin puller

To remove the blade from the MT Scarab the pin must be pulled out.  Please inquire if you need a puller made. 

They can be custom made to your requirements for $15.00 plus S&H.



I have theses conical springs available for $3.00 ea..  They are good to have on hand if you take apart an OTF._________________________________________________________________________________ The wrench below is an XL wrench. It fits the handle screws of the fixed blades. They are $20 each. Below it you will see a domed screw wrench to fit screws that are not flat but are raised to give a better grip. Note that the face of the wrench is concave. Due to the extra work involved these are $20 each.




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